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Self-medication means taking prescription medicines without consulting a doctor for your symptoms first.

On the surface, it might seem like a good idea, as it saves you the trouble of going to a doctor and paying them a consultation fee. And you get to use leftover medicines from a previous illness.

But taking prescription drugs without consulting a doctor can harm you and can also be life-threatening in some cases.


Let’s take a look at some of the pitfalls of self-medication and reasons why it’s such a bad idea.

Your Underlying Health Condition May Go Undiagnosed

If you have symptoms like a rash or a fever, and if you’re treating the symptoms with some random drugs that you think you need to take, you run the risk of masking the underlying medical condition that is causing you to have those symptoms. And this could lead to serious complications in some cases.

You May Be Taking Drugs That Are Not Supposed To Be Taken Together

If you take two or three medicines together, without knowing how they react with each other, you may be putting yourself at a great risk, as they could have adverse reactions in your body. These reactions could range from mild to downright life-threatening symptoms.

You May Not Know The Correct Dosages

Self- medication can sometimes even prove to be fatal, if you take drugs beyond their safe dosage leading to an accidental overdose. On the other hand, if the dosage that you’re taking is smaller than the effective dosage, you may not see any changes in your symptoms even after taking the medicines.

The Medicines You’re Taking May Have Expired

All medicines have an expiration date beyond which they may lose their efficacy or become unsafe if consumed. When you take a medicine that is past its expiration date, you may not see a cure for your symptoms, as the drug may have lost its potency. In some cases, these expired medicines may cause unexpected and dangerous chemical reactions in your body and make you very, very sick.





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